Business Accounting

CoDX for Business Accounting

Effective financial management, optimization and cost control, fully meet the financial management and accounting for enterprises of all sizes and sectors

Business Accounting

Corporate finance management

Comprehensive coverage of the financial picture through the management and system of each related activity

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Manage all aspects related to corporate finance: from accounting, purchasing, sales, to warehouses, assets,…

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Automatic integration of electronic invoices, electronic signatures, sales software, purchase documents for quick retrieval of information

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Program the rendering of invoices, statements, reports of expenditures – collection according to the standard form, no manual calculation required

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Data is closed in the organization, secure anytime, anywhere. Clearly define the responsibilities and data areas of each user

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Low cost

Businesses have many choices in financial management with CoDX, each investment cost achieves worthy results.

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Automatic internal connection

Extract price information, orders, inventory, assets, personnel,… to make reports without input.

Expand external connections

Quickly connect with e-banks and tax authorities to carry out related processes in a short time.

Effective asset management

Monitor the life cycle of goods and supplies from the time of purchase, warehouse/conversion into assets to liquidation, producing detailed reports.
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Management anytime, anywhere

Every member can access work from every smart device without interruption of work, timely making executive decisions.

Easy to adjust

Adjust the changes with just a few taps, and send autom to the relevant department, customer or partner.

Tương thích với các điều luật

Các quy trình/báo cáo/tài liệu mẫu tuân thủ theo các nguyên tắc trong kế toán – tài chính và bộ luật Kế Toán 2015.

Administrative subsystem

Select and click see details to view each subsystem information



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Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting

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Sale order management


Sales agreements


Distribution chain mgmt.


Point of sale

Purchase Planning

Purchase planning

Purchase Order

Purchase order mgmt.


Delivery management


Inventory management


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Quality management

Real Estate

Real estate management


Asset management


Maintenance schedulling


Sales agreements


Delivery management


Asset management

CoDX’s Differential value

Finding a rental software has never been easier. However, too many systems are fragmented, too many systems do not meet the intensive business when operating in practice. The cost of renting the software includes not only the value of the lease but also the cost of employees operating. We are confident of bringing different values.


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Business Scale

We go from the system to meet the enterprise thousands of employees and the most optimal business, the interface designed according to the role brought into CoDX.

Free Experience

It is the only Vietnamese system that initiates self-freezing and offers a free Experience as soon as you have signed.

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Hire period

CoDX flexible monthly rental makes the deployment of the system easy. CoDX only calculates the lease period after having instructed to use the system.


CoDX only calculates the user book that uses the system by role. CoDX does not count the size of the company or the number of employees you manage in the system.

Related management solutions

Select and click for details to see each solution


Collaboration environment across the organization and Team Workspace


HR management and employee experience journey at the enterprise

Customer Management

Customer management and customer experience


Comprehensive, safe, on-time and quality production management

Customer are using CoDX

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CoDX is ready to accompany businesses in successful digital transformation.

Implement digital transformation to immediately reduce management costs by 50% and increase work efficiency by 70%

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