CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện

CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện

Customer Management

CoDX for Customer Management

Customer management and customer experience

Customer management and comprehensive customer experience. Breakthrough revenue growth with cost savings on cloud databases, using multiple platforms.

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The right approach

Manage digital marketing campaigns (email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing, etc.) to reach the right potential customers

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Quick single latch

Analyze lead data, calculate sales opportunities, optimize the sales process to close opportunities quickly and expand sales

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Long-term retention

Automatic customer care through call center service, automatic Q&A, warranty - maintenance, satisfaction survey,...

The journey to build customer relationships

Marketing campaigns approach and nurture leads file

Custom classification and storage into the system

Building sales events, closing opportunities, revenue-boosting activities