CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện

The comprehensive business management system helps DX for all organizations

Enterprise Social Network

Document management

Task management

Business process mgmt.


Employee Profiles

Message of commendation

Employee Wallet

360 degree feedback

CoDX - Accounting


CoDX - eInvoice


CoDX - Inventory

Inventory management

CoDX - Order

Sale order management

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CoDX - Quality

Quality management


Customer management

CoDX - Call Center

Call-center service

CoDX - Services

Customer service

CoDX - Social

Social Marketing

CoDX - Marketing

Marketing campaigns


Master production scheduling


Production operation mgmt.


Quality control


Material Request Planning


Product lifecycle mgmt.

CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện


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CoDX for Manufacturing

Comprehensive, safe, on-time, quality production management, helping enterprises fully digitize production activities. The multi-platform online deployment system helps leaders run their jobs anytime, anywhere.

Production operation management solutions

Every manufacturing business has different ways and processes of management, requiring a flexible management software that fully and accurately meets that process and manner of management. With high customization, in accordance with the requirements of every type of CoDX for Manufacturing solution enterprise helps enterprises manage the number of production activities without having to change any management processes.

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Demand planning

Gather the requirements of goods from the forecast source and customer's order to establish the demand for goods to be produced at each time.

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Production planning

Support process production planning and review. Arrange the order of priority of production orders and orders visually.

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Material management

The quantity of raw materials in stock, calculating the material norms according to the production plan, sending orders to suppliers.

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Process optimization

Quality control of each process: raw materials; semi-finished products, finished products; scrap... Statistics of time and productivity in part or overall.

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Track production progress

Allocate work and human resources according to each day, each stage, each order. Progress monitoring, due warning, production output statistics.

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