Document management

Flexible solutions help solve difficulties in storing, finding records, synchronizing document management in the enterprise.

Enterprise Document Management System complies with Dublin Core International Document Management Standards

Administration form

Dispatches, documents, business records, conference documents, summary reports,...

Personnel profiles

Personnel forms, integration documents, company culture, bonus dispatches,...

Business documents

Contracts, planning documents, competency records, product/marketing documents,..

Technical information

Design dossiers, copyright certifications, documents on machinery, technological processes,...

Financial statements

Types of legal document, regulations and guidelines on financial and accounting activities

Paperless – no storage space – share in seconds!

Outstanding business advantages

Provide a secure privacy system for creating, backing up, and accessing all documents from any device

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Create and store documents

Up to 5GB of FREE MEMORY allows employees to upload any document files to the storage system in folders. When there is a need to use more, easily upgrade the memory at an extremely low cost.

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Search, quick retrieval

Data is stored in a structure that easily accesses content. Smart retrieval setup allows for a variety of searches: file name, file type, file content,….

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Detailed decentralization

In addition to storage, the system allows mail/link/decentralization. The decentralization of data is strictly installed.

Outstanding advantages

“Resource savings and optimal document storage in a simpler process with the Document Administration subsystem as well as CoDX.”

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Accompany +100 businesses by optimizing digital document storage

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System experience

Experience the first automated initialized system in Vietnam


CoDX’s Differential value

Finding a rental software has never been easier. However, too many systems are fragmented, too many systems do not meet the intensive business when operating in practice. The cost of renting the software includes not only the value of the lease but also the cost of employees operating. We are confident of bringing different values.

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Business Scale

We go from the system to meet the enterprise thousands of employees and the most optimal business, the interface designed according to the role brought into CoDX.

Free Experience

It is the only Vietnamese system that initiates self-freezing and offers a free Experience as soon as you have signed.

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Hire period

CoDX flexible monthly rental makes the deployment of the system easy. CoDX only calculates the hire period after having instructed to use the system.


CoDX only calculates the user book that uses the system by role. CoDX does not count the size of the company or the number of employees you manage in the system.

Related subsystem

Select and click for details to see each subsystem

Official Reques

Official dispatches mgmt.

15.000 VND/User/Month

Task management

30.000 VND/User/Month


Objective management

35.000 VND/User/Month


30.000 VND/User/Month

Get In Touch with CoDX


  • Pay online immediately according to the steps taken when renting.
  • Payment of transfer form after registration.

Before renting: You can experience a free trial of the Workplace Networking System within 30 days.

While renting: 8/7 Support Service. Unlike other providers that require you to pay by year, CoDX supports flexible payment cycles in 3 months. Rent more/Stop renting, all customized on your admin account.

After renting: We provide an administrative function that allows you to render all existing data to Excel for your storage.

The workplace social networking system is implemented free of charge when customers hire any subsystem in the entire enterprise system.

The workplace networking system is a combination of three tools to help employees and businesses have effective, timely and accurate communication tools. How many user accounts you rent in total, you can use the corresponding number of free accounts in the workplace networking system, organizational charts, and employee profiles respectively.

It is a comprehensive toolkit that includes many tools:

  • Employees share messages to the common communication portal with a variety of options.
  • Employees create work logs for themselves to record personal achievements.
  • Employees communicate (Chatting) with colleagues.
    Sharing management – encourages employees with messages.
  • Manage employee support anytime, anywhere through the Chatting tool.
  • The Human Resources Department communicates the news – events – policies – regimes when employees need to be there.
  • The Human Resources Department manages the company’s organizational structure and current human resources.

In addition to the free workplace networking system, CoDX also provides businesses with a free corporate organizational structure management and employee profile when customers hire even one subsystem in the entire CoDX.

This system helps businesses:

  • Management of the business organization diagram unlimited level from the structure of small business to the enterprise up to tens of thousands of multi-branch/factory/office employees,…
  • Manage labor margins with labor titles according to each department and the status of existing personnel to have a reasonable recruitment/appointment plan.
  • Employee Profile Management: Personal background, knowledge – skill – experience,…

The CoDX system is designed according to the role with every operating subsystem:

  • Professional features system for professional departments (human resources department, business department, accounting department, administrative department, IT department, purchase room …) depending on the subsystem to rent.
  • The professional feature system for employees depending on the hired business subsystem, CoDX provides a feature system for employees to perform online services.

CoDX’s rental policy is that depending on the deployment requirements, you can choose to buy a business user or user for employees or both types of users.

  • Rents per subsystem are calculated according to the formula: Unit price * number of users by role * number of rental months
  • For administrative group hiring (including all subsystems) applied according to the formula:
    Total unit price of subsystems * discount * number of users by role * number of leased months

After a free 30-day Workplace Networking System experience, you can select on-demand rental and online payments in your Account Management section.

The system will be initiated immediately after the payment is successful.

But unlike the other system, which calculates the start time of hiring immediately after the initialization, we will have a supportive care service that guides you to declare the system and only calculate the rental time after 3-7 days depending on the number of subsystems you hire to ensure the system is best operated.

Support Form

Please leave your support problem in the form below, CoDX will reply via email within 24 working hours

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