CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện

CoDX – Nền Tảng Chuyển Đổi Số Doanh Nghiệp Toàn Diện

Digital Signature

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Digital signing – Digital signatures

Digital authentication in companies aims to create an electronic transaction environment, thus bringing a lot of benefits and meeting management requirements.

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Digital signing procedure

Account registration

Verifying registration or assigning permissions simply to add new users to the system

Integrating digital signatures

Integrating digital signatures from internal and external sources, through two-layer security

Creating digital documents

Uploading the documents to be signed, then adding digital signatures or documents to the digital signing procedure

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Digital signing

Creating electronic approval procedures, integrating the documents to be signed, adding departments & submitting

Comprehensive connection

Application of digital signing and digital signatures to modules (task, project management, procedure management,...)

Promulgation and storage

After being digitally signed, documents will be promulgated through the internal social network (or sent to partners) and stored

Digital signing – CoDX digital signatures simplify any procedure that requires signatures

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Electronic transactions

Binding interested parties and ensuring the authenticity of electronic transactions (buying and selling, payment ...)

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Contract signing

Signing electronic contracts (legally equivalent to the ones on paper) and sending them to interested parties

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Internal signature

Creating documents, submitting them for signature, writing digital signatures right in the system, signing a series of documents

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